Valentine’s Day 2018: An Erotica Author is Born


These are the first words from my upcoming science fiction erotica series (which I’m currently calling Contact, but will probably change to something sexier before I’m done). I’m feeling overwhelmed—in a good way! It feels like a new chapter of my life is beginning.

I’ve written plenty of erotica before, always posted here and there online under various pen names, but never professionally. This will be my first adventure into the world of professional self-published authorhood. It’s scary but exciting.

It seems like a fitting day to begin: Valentine’s Day. If there is a more erotic holiday than this, I’ve never heard of it. (Seriously, though. If such a thing exists, tell me. I’d love to join in the celebration!) It is a day for romance and love, but it is also a day for fucking. And for those of us that are single, it’s a great day to curl up on the couch with some erotic fiction and get ourselves off.

It’s unlikely that anyone is reading this right now. After all, I haven’t published anything or built up a community yet. But, if you’re out there, alone or with a loved one, reading these cyberspace delivered pixels on the screen of your choice, I hope you have a fantastic orgasm tonight. (Leave a comment and tell me how it went.)


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